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Many industrial processes produce large quantities of gaseous or vaporized contaminants that must be separated from gas stream. Removal of these contaminants is usually achieved through absorption into a liquid or adsorption onto a solid medium. Incineration of the exhaust gas has also been successfully used for the removal of organic gases and vapors. Spray dry air scrubbers are used to absorb and neutralize acidic gaseous contaminants in hot industrial gas streams. They use an alkali spray to react with the acid gases to form a salt. The process heat evaporates the liquid Khris Middleton Youth Jersey , resulting in a dry particulate that is removed from the gas stream.

Typical industrial applications for spray dry scrubbers are:

* Control of hydrochloric acid (HCl) emissions from biological hazardous waste incinerators.
* Control of sulfuric acid and sulfur trioxide emissions from burning high-sulfur coal.
* Control of sulfur oxides, boric acid, and hydrogene fluoride (HF) gases from glass-melting furnaces.

Spray gas scrubbers conduct four operations:

1) atomization;
2) gas droplet mixing;
3) drying of liquid droplets;
4) removal and collection of a dry product.

These operations are carried out in a tower or a specially designed vessel. The atomizer must disperse a liquid containing an alkali compound that will react with acidic components of the gas stream. The liquid must be distributed uniformly within the dryer and mixed thoroughly with the hot gases in droplets of a size that will evaporate before striking a dryer surface.

In typical spray dryers used for acid gas control Giannis Antetokounmpo Youth Jersey , the droplets have diameters from 50 to 200 microns. The larger droplets are of most concern because these might survive long enough to impinge on .
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