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Palm Cove is a popular weekend destination for people in Cairns Mike Muscala Jersey , Cairns Highlands, Port Douglas and other places located close to this tropical paradise. The attraction of this place lies in its Rainforest, The Great Barrier Reef, White Sandy Beaches, and Coconut Palms amongst other things. This beach destination is nestled in the Tropical North Queensland, Australia. The relaxing atmosphere and the year round tropical sunshine make Palm Cove an ideal place for vacation. Families love to come and spend their holidays here. Tourists also visit this place for various purposes like wedding and Spa treatments etc. In fact Kent Bazemore Jersey , this place has recently gained a lot of popularity amongst tourists across the world. Besides the local tourists, this lovely place sees a large crowd of foreign population every year. With more and more influx of tourists, there has been a huge rise in the number of Hotels in Palm Cove. Regarded as a premier beach location, Palm Cove is just 30 minutes away from Cairns International Airport.

Palm Cove has an abundance of wildlife including, wild animals, insects and birds that have made this place their preferred home. You will find Tree Frogs John Collins Jersey , and native birds like Rainbow Lorikeets, Sunbirds, Cockatoos and so on. One can see and experience a remarkable world of underwater creatures and colorful corals thriving in the sea life of Palm Cove. This is also a perfect destination for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving with enough scope to do a course in scuba diving. Other activities to do here would include enjoying the natural shade of the coconut palms, swimming, lazing under the Sun, a walk along the beach and to observe the wonderful natural beauty of the place.

Palm Cove presents an awesome dining experience to its guests at its popular restaurants Miles Plumlee Jersey , cafes, bistros and other eating outs. The yummy food including meat and seafood etc., would simply tempt you to ask for more. Besides, the fresh fruits and vegetables are equally tempting. You will find a selection of cocktail bars along the beach, the local Surf Lifesaving Club, and the Tavern complete with pool tables.

Palm Cove Hotels caters to all accommodation needs of tourists and serves every category of visitors equally well. There is good range of hotels varying from international resorts to self contained apartments located within walking distance of the beach. If you are looking for an opulent stay at any of the luxury hotels here Taurean Prince Jersey , choose some of the popular hotels like Angsana Resort and Spa, Sea Temple Resort and Spa, and Sebel Reef House and Spa. For budget travelers, there are many reasonably rated Budget Hotels in Palm Cove that perfectly suits the pockets of the budget conscious travelers. So, if you are planning a wonderful vacation here, select the best hotel of your choice and enjoy a long break. But before choosing any hotel Ersan Ilyasova Jersey , it is better to surf through the different websites that offer information on hotels in Palm Cove and than finally select your favorite hotel.

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